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How to Maintain Your Biggest Style Investment

Does dry cleaning sound like too much head ache? Worried about how long your suit will last? In today’s blog we’re going to educate you a little more on how you can make the most out of your biggest style investment without having to repeatedly visit the dry cleaners.

1. Always use a suit bag & Hang with care – When purchasing a suit from any men’s clothing company you should receive a free suit bag. The reason for the bag is to keep it clean and prestige. You should religiously keep your suit inside the bag even after you have worn it.

2. Have your suit tailored – It is always advised to have your suit tailored to the perfect fit. This will not only allow you to look and feel a million dollars but it will also protect your suit from small wears and tears that may occur in the future.

3. Rotate your outfit – Having more than one option is always a bonus and with our Mr Guild range there is always plenty to choose from. Mixing up your suit gives you more opportunity to wear the clothing on many more occasions without it being noticed.

4. Avoid using internal pockets – Filling up your internal pockets can sometimes cause strain on the fabric, causing the inner material to fray, eventually loosen the stitching. Although here at Mr Guild, we only use the best, but it is always advised not to overdo it with inside pockets!

5. Invest in a clothes brush – Using a clothes brush is a very good recommendation, a clothes brush will help remove any stains or marks on the suit without damaging the natural fibers.

6. Use a steam iron – Press your suit regularly with a steam iron, this will open the fibers and remove any stains, not to mention keeping your suit crease free.

We hope these tips and tricks have come in handy!

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